Table Ronde in Geneva

In the frame of the shows of ‹Pink for Girls & Blue for Boys› the ADC Genève is organizing a Table Ronde. 

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L'ADC prolonge les questions posées dans le spectacle PINK FOR GIRLS & BLUE FOR BOYS de Tabea Martin pour parler dans une perspective plus large du genre dans l'éducation à Genève dans les sphères publices et privées. 

Avec: Tabea Martin, choréographe / Caroline Dyer, docteure, chercheuse, formatrice et consultante / Bulle Nanjoud, formatrice à l'institut Le deuxième Observatoire / Jacques Pasquier, directeur des écoles primaires Sécheron, De Chandieu

ADC-salle des Eaux-Vives 

Samedi 2 décembre à 16h30

entrée libre


Workshop with Tabea Martin

Professionell dancers can participate in a workshop with Tabea Martin.

A laboratory of movement and a search for theatricality through movement. Working with the action/reaction principle. Thinking of the consequences of a movement and about relations in space. Investigating in questions of how do we transport an idea into movement. 
Interest in failure and joy at risk.
Improvisation-based. Collecting and exchanging.  

1.12.2017, 13:00-17:00
2.12.2017, 10:00-14:00

Studio 44 - 1er étage (Cie Gilles Jobin)
address : 44 rue de la Coulouvrenière 1204 Genève

Organisation: Les Rencontres Professionelles de danses Genève
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Tabea Martin receives the three-year-grant for dance and theatre 2017-2019 from the cantons of Basel-City and Basel-Landschaft

‹Tabea Martin has convinced the committee through her clear artistic vision, the continuity and the high niveau of her artistic work as through her distinct network and great commitment for a strong and dynamic contemporary dance scene in the region of Basel.›

The three-year-grant aims to support the artistic and operational qualitative development of a company and enables a better network and visibility encouraged by a longterm planning security and a continuity in diffusion work and touring.


This is my last dance

Tabea Martin's new production will premiere on February 1st, 2018 at Kaserne Basel!

Inspired by Samuel Becketts essay La Fin and the one-act play Endgame.

Two women are standing on an empty stage. They are searching for something and being confronted to their own end at the same time. Before they have even started dancing, the end is already present. Silence. Emptiness. Fragments. But with the humor it needs in order to keep going.

Premiere: 1. Februar 2018, Kaserne Basel


In the frame of the Programmers Fond by Reso - Dance Network Switzerland


PRAIRIE 2016–2019

End of June 2016 Tabea Martin was selected next to two other compagnies for Prairie – the coproduction support of Migros Culture-Percentage. Tabea Martin will get artistic and structural support for three years. 

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Tabea Martin receives culture award for dance

In May 2016 Tabea Martin was honored by the government of Canton Basel-Landschaft with the culture award for dance. 

‹The government of Canton Basel-Landschaft is honoring choreographer Tabea Martin (*1978) from Oberwil with the culture award for dance 2016. Tabea Martin has achieved a remarkable international career. She has been working for the independent scene as well as for municipal theaters. Her projects are characterized by professionality and inspire an international audience through humour, intelligence and great choreographical skills. For these reasons she is one of the most successful swiss choreographers.›

Beyond Indifference

Beyond Indifference



Duet For Two Dancers

Duet For Two Dancers

Pink For Girls & Blue For Boys

Pink For Girls & Blue For Boys

Tabea Martin is active as a choreographer and performer in Basel, Switzerland. 


Tabea Martin


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